Girls Who Code Gala 2018: Imagining a World Beyond Equity – How General Electric Develops Women in STEM

During International Women’s Day 2018, women from all over the world: Spain, Pakistan, Uganda, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Philippines, Afghanistan, Japan, Argentina, USA, India, Paris, Mexico etc. chose to make their voices heard through marches, rallies, speeches, strikes and celebrations of women’s achievements. When it comes to women’s rights, in the last two years especially, the world has felt the determination, boldness and persistence for change.

Building a DRG Workflow: The Magical Steps

Oracle DRM enables organizations to achieve a standardized and centralized management of their metadata for various entities and attributes. However, technology alone is just an enabler, it is not the complete solution for the master data management needs of an enterprise. The missing parts of the puzzle are the people and the process. That’s where ‘Data Governance’ comes into the picture.