Oracle Analytics Summit 2020 Keynote: Data for Good, a Global Analytics Movement

In 2020, I was invited to keynote the Oracle Analytics Summit, where I shared examples of how Oracle tech, specifically Oracle Analytics has been used in the Data for Good movement. Neviana Zhgaba Oracle Analytics Keynote Data4Good2 Neviana Zhgaba Oracle Analytics Keynote Data4Good1

“Technology itself will not save the world, however it’s because of technology that we will be able to derive new insights, leading us to change the way we live for the better. Tech and data can be used as a strong enabler for the people that will eventually take action in solving the world’s most pressing problems.”

The keynote’s content was also highlighted in this Business Analytics article as well: ‘Data for good’ movement spurs action in fight for causes “Though often associated with financial analysis, analytics is being used to aid nonprofit organizations in their fight for causes that improve society as well. The data for good movement is about harnessing the power of data visualizations, data analytics and [augmented intelligence] for social change by using data to create new insights and outcomes for a better world.”
Capture Most of the 30 min session content was based on the following stories, also including other examples of Oracle tech leveraged for social good. A recording of the session can be accessed in the Oracle Analytics 2020 Summit archives.

A #TechGivesBack Story: Hurricane Florence NCDOT Road Closure, GasBuddy, Navigation App

Navigation App

Oracle DV to the Rescue! Adding Emotion to the Data

Hurricane Florence Visualization (1)

#ClimateAction Data Stories

Meat Consumption ClimateViz

Data Viz to the Rescue! Adding Emotion to the Data


Does Skipping The Plastic Straw Feel Futile Against Climate Change? Help Is On The Way



Neviana Zhgaba

Sr. Technical Program Manager

Enterprise Audit Transformation at GE

ODTUG Board of Directors

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