Kscope19 Sleepless in Seattle: #Data4Good Harder!

At Kscope19 we worked hard, played hard and #data4good harder!  

Let me finally show you how we #data4good harder through yet another tweet timeline blog post of mine. Take a look at the Work Hard! & Play Hard! posts first to get a feeling of the full Kscope19 experience.

The data journey at Kscope19 started with some exciting announcements from the Oracle Analytics team! Check out the following tweets to learn more.

Along with the Oracle Analytics team and Becky, the ODTUG Analytics community leader, we started brainstorming on potential data initiatives to engage the Analytics community members after Kscope19. As Liron puts it in his own tweet further down, Oracle Product Management team members are indeed truly helpful and welcoming of ideas that have potential to help engage Oracle products users.

At Kscope19, along with Wayne, Steven and Vincent I presented two sessions that touched upon #Data4Good as part of two cross community initiatives led mostly by ODTUG members. I also got the chance to share the data visualization stories I had created for those two initiatives during the Analytics Community deep dive.

#Data4Good is an independent initiative in the data and analytics communities that is tailored for different data user groups to their own specific user engagement goals, themes and analytics proficiency levels. Quoted from one of the data4good websites: “Data4Good is a movement that brings like-minded people together to utilise their skills, knowledge and passion to help make a positive impact on the world. There is so much underutilised data out there that could be harnessed to create a positive impact on health, education, human rights, the environment and much more.”

To learn more about “Oracle DV to the Rescue!”, the first data visualization project that I got to present at Kscope19, check out the blog post of the first tweet below.

Another bigger cross community initiative that inspired me to leverage Oracle Analytics to visualize environmental #Data4Good stories is fabe: for all a beautiful earth. Through fabe, Oracle techies aim to transform people’s buying power into a superpower to stop climate change and human-caused extinctions. fabe is a non-profit initiative coordinated through a global volunteer team, the majority of whom are Oracle APEX and Database community members.

Last year I participated in a data visualization challenge (thanks to Gary A.) where a group of people passionate about data visualization would create their own visualizations out of a common data set, using their data visualization product of choice – I used Oracle DV.

At Kscope19, the Oracle Analytics team offered to feature this project in the Oracle Analytics library as a first non Oracle team member DV package. We planned to showcase it in the Analytics showcase deep dive as an example of what other Analytics community members could do as part of a broader community engagement initiative, which is still to be defined.

Meanwhile, f you’d like to showcase your Oracle DV project in the Oracle Analytics library, it is now as easy as contacting Benjamin Arnulf from the Oracle Analytics Product Management team.

DataViz contact

Everyone of us, no matter our generation, race, gender, origin should feel proud that the technology we use during our daily jobs is leveraged to make a difference on wide social impact #tech4good #data4good global projects. Here is one of my favorite types of such initiatives, where I haven’t been personally involved, that uses Oracle Cloud to save the bees.

It is getting more and more important in the current workforce structure for companies to engage their employees, especially the millennials who as of 2017 make up 56% of the workforce, on such initiatives. As quoted by a recent Forbes article “Millennials (but not only!) want their work to have a purpose, to contribute something to the world and they want to be proud of their employer.”

At Kscope19 we got this covered. Looking forward to an even more inspiring and engaging Kscope20!


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