Kscope19 Sleepless in Seattle: Work Hard!

At Kscope19 we worked hard, played hard and #data4good harder! (We did dance hard as well, not as much as at Kscope18 though…)

Let me first show you how we worked hard through yet another Kscope tweet timeline blog post of mine. The “Play Hard” and “#Data4Good Harder” posts to take a look at some other activities at Kscope19.

ODTUG Board Members always start off Kscope a few days earlier than most attendees. It takes a lot of passion, dedication and vision for the community to be a part of this team!

I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 5 hrs. of sleep per night at any of the Kscope conferences I’ve attended. As you can see, I’m not the only one!

We get to work bright and early, first to stuff the hundreds and hundreds of conference bags for our attendees and then we’re ready to serve the local community as part of the Community Service day activity. ODTUGers know how to give back!

Sunday is packed with the latest announcements from the Oracle Product Management teams. Boy oh boy did we have some shaking/exciting/world changing news across all our product communities!!

Every year at Kscope I’m all about promoting team GE! This year, as part of my board activities and the 4 sessions/panel I had to be a part of, I’m glad I made it in the team picture… We had over 20 team members across many of our current and previous businesses attending this year! Love these guys & gals!

The GE and the Applied OLAP teams are currently at the start of a long lasting relationship. We’ve been able to gain thousands of productivity hours across our businesses by digitizing manual Excel Finance processes using Dodeca and Essbase. Gary Crisci and myself also presented a session on the first ever use case of implementing Dodeca at GE: an application very dear to my heart since it helped me manage millions of quarterly expense allocations across our businesses, by avoiding hours and hours of Excel reconciliation and data quality nightmares!! Sleepless in Spreadsheets NO more!

Even the interRel team loves Dodeca! <double wink>

We were very excited to see all the new faces attending Kscope this year! We made sure to uncover the secrets of taking full advantage of all the learning, networking and community engagement opportunities at the conference.

The General Session is usually one of the highlights of the conference. It’s the time when we not only WOW our members with awesome keynote speakers (covered in the Play Hard blog post), but where we also take the time to thank our volunteers, applaud notable cross – community initiatives and promote programs that aim to grow our members as leaders in their organizations and communities. In the end we also announce the location of next year’s Kscope. This time we made an exciting exception though!

One of the initiatives that I’ve championed since joining the board is promoting cross-community collaboration at ODTUG. I was glad to see that we had some great sessions from some of the best Kscope speakers across the APEX, Database, EPM and Analytics product communities. It’s important for ODTUG members to innovate and collaborate beyond their comfort zone.

What else is important for ODTUG to start focusing on more?? => Getting our millennialls, the next generation of Oracle technical experts, more involved and excited about the Oracle community and technology. We had around 80 members attend the first meetup of the International Order of Oracle Millennials at Kscope19!! Let’s grow even more next year! Below I’m also highlighting some sessions from our millennial speakers.

I’m very excited to have Jay lead the EPM Community this year. I’ll support him as the newest EPM Community Board Liaison. Thanks to Tim and Justin for passing on the torch.

Apart from the Oracle Product Managers that go above and beyond to support the Kscope conference every year, Oracle also provided FREE Oracle certifications across 7 different products! The Oracle ACE program adds great value by coordinating their Product briefing, Groundbreakers lunch with experts and ACE members dinner.

ODTUG puts a lot of effort in supporting, promoting and developing diversity in tech by hosting a yearly Women in Technology event, awarding a WIT scholarship and coordinating a 9 month long exceptional Leadership Program.

What happens during the last day of the conference after 4 packed days of hundreds of sessions?? We don’t chill… we go even deeper with our awesome Deep Dives across each content track! And finally at the Closing Session, we take the time to recognize our most notable speakers!

Last but not least!!! The ODTUG community made sure to show their deep gratitude and appreciation to two of our titanic female leaders: Natalie and Opal! It’s Natalie’s last year as ODTUG’s President and Opal’s last year as the Kscope Conference Chair. I met them both in my first Kscope and I’m very grateful for everything that I’ve learned from them ever since.

Goodbye Kscope19… You were quite memorable! Looking forward to Kscope20!

Check out the “Play Hard” and “#Data4Good Harder” posts to get the full Kscope19 experience.




If you’re still experiencing the Kscope blues… Becky might help with her multi-part Kscope19 short blog series.


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