Oracle DRM PSU Highlights

Oracle recently released Patch Set Update (PSU) under Patch 27200129, the thirteenth patch on the release.

This PSU includes DRM, Data Relationship Governance (DRG) & Common User Provisioning (CUP) related defect fixes, but no new features. Here are some of the important defect fixes that we think are important and worth a look:

The derived JavaScript property which returns the node objects/structured arrays on certain data types was not working correctly on PSU .344 resulting in incorrect derived values. The current workaround for this defect is to use only Associated Nodes or Associated Group as the data type.

Another noticeable defect is related with the Common User Provisioning feature where an error “Array dimensions exceeded supported range” is triggered when mapping external groups to node access groups or a property category. This in turn is causing an issue with the Full Sync to complete successfully. Hopefully this PSU brings more stability to the CUP feature in DRM.

This PSU addresses a significant DRG defect related to an issue present from PSU .344 where node name case changes are allowed even when the node names are not editable in an upload file. In this case, the committed change can update the existing node name. This fix will ensure that node name case changes are restricted when the node name is non-editable while using an upload file. Another important defect fix related to workflow calculations not returning the Node name with trailing space is expected to be fixed on PSU .345. This applies to cases where ‘space’ is still a valid character in the System Preferences but cannot be added with trailing space.

Stay tuned for more updates as we start testing the defects fixed in this PSU!


New Features in this PSU


Defects Fixed in this PSU

  • Improvements to global property behavior for solutions using Shared Nodes
25408733 Description for shared node not updating properly when Description for primary is updated
  • Stability enhancements related to blender operations that would be beneficial for customers using blenders as part of routine import processes
25529302, 26738415, 26330375 Blend operation gets error:  “An item with the same key has already been added”
  • Workflow improvements tailored to task operations, UI stability and improved performance
26001488 Inserting a request does not support local properties
26566155, 26725244 Emails from workflow requests being delayed
26791013, 26546993 Sorting items in a request can change the data within the items
  • Fixes to the rather new Common User Provisioning feature, originally released in PSU .340
24804145 Common User Provisioning:  Users node access groups not displaying all users
26337556 Mapping external groups to node access groups gets error: “Array dimensions exceeded supported range”


By Sairam Arumalla, Oracle DRM Developer

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